How to End Panic Attacks

Self-help package to overcome panic attacks

Are you experiencing panic attacks?

If you have been struggling with anxiety to the point where you are experiencing panic attacks on a fairly regular basis, your nervous system is stirred up and is over-stimulated. 

If you are looking for some support to learn how to overcome panic attacks but don’t know where to start then my ‘How to End Panic Attacks’ course is perfect for you.

How does the self-help package work?

  • This comprehensive self-help package will help you to understand what panic attacks are, why they happen and how you can overcome them.
  • You’ll get practical strategies that really work using my unique success formula that has been proven to help many adults and teenagers in my clinical practice.
  • I’ll teach you my simple and effective way to calm a panic attack in 5 easy steps. What’s more I’ll guide you step by step through an empowering strategy to help you to master the threat of future attacks.
  • You’ll learn how to desensitise yourself, a little at a time, and you’ll rehearse overcoming attacks in a progressive way that allows you gently and safely to face your fears and build your confidence.

Here's what's included in my 'How to End Panic Attacks' course

You can equip yourself really well to manage panic attacks and keep them away with my special programme. 

This will guide you step by step through everything you need to know to take control and overcome panic attacks.

This programme is extracted from my online course ‘How To Overcome Anxiety in 30 Days.’

It contains two short video presentations, easy to follow infographic flow diagrams and an MP3 audio recording. This MP3 guides you step by step so that you may rehearse success.

Understanding Panic Attacks

A video presentation about why panic attacks happen and how you can overcome them.

A 5 Step Plan to Calm a Panic Attack

This downloadable infographic leads you through the strategy in an easy to follow way, supported by the video 'Understanding Panic Attacks'.

3 Step Strategy to Keep Panic Attacks Away

A video presentation which takes you through the 3-step strategy to keep panic attacks away.

3 Step Strategy Infographic

This downloadable infographic leads you through the strategy in an easy to follow way, supported by the video '3 Step Strategy to Keep Panic Attacks Away'.

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Guides you step by step through the process of coping with a panic attack, as you learn how to desensitise and calm your nervous system. This relaxing audio recording dynamically builds your confidence with progressive and controlled exposure, as if you were in a therapy session with me.

Instant Access Download

All the resources are downloadable and delivered straight to you inbox in the comfort of your own home.

If you have purchased my book, I would like to offer you a special thank you.

In the book resources, you will find a coupon code to access ‘End Panic Attacks’ at a special price. To take advantage of this, simply enter the published coupon code at checkout and receive your copy of the course at £47 instead of the usual £97. 

How to End Panic Attacks

A self-help course to overcome panic attacks
£ 47 one off payment* (with coupon code)
  • 2 Video Presentations
  • 2 Infographic Guides
  • Relaxing Audio

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