How to get from feeling anxious to EMPOWERED in your life.

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A fast-track guide for young women.

This fast track guide aims to help anxious young women to feel more in control and empowered in their life. With no less than thirty tried and tested strategies to help grow self-esteem and self-confidence, this book holds the power to transform every anxious young woman into a happier, more self accepting and secure young adult.

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What You Need to Get Started

Learn how to quit overthinking and avoid getting overwhelmed.

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Learn to Feel Good

Find out how to steer your way through social anxiety, frenemies and heartbreak.

Learn to Shine | @anxiety we need to break up

Learn to Shine

Discover how to improve your body confidence and feel better about yourself.

Learn to Believe in You

Learn to Believe in You

Overcome a fear of failure and help yourself to perform well and succeed.

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It’s hard work trying to pretend you’re ok when you’re feeling all over the place, and maybe you don’t even know why.

It is possible for you to get control of anxiety. You just need the right help.

In this fast track guide I’m sharing with you thirty awesome practical steps you can take right now to get you on your way. You’ll find space to journal your thoughts. Plus throughout, you’ll get access to many free downloadable resources to support you further. 

Here’s a snippet of what I will be helping you with: –

  • You’ll learn how to overcome social anxiety and grow your confidence, even when your self-talk is louder than the conversation you don’t hear.
  • You’ll get my help to quit overthinking so that you stop creating problems that aren’t even there.
  • You’ll learn tried and tested strategies that make studying and exams so much easier to cope with.
  • You’ll discover how to manage your expectations and be confident with having sex for the first time.
  • You’ll discover how to display confidence and shield yourself from bullies.
  • You’ll learn how to get body confident, no matter what anyone else says.

You are already amazing… and I’m going to prove it to you.

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Anxiety is like a toxic and overprotective friendship that gets in your way.

A force that is holding you back, fuelled by over-thinking and self-doubt.

It’s time for you to take control of this ‘friendship’ and break up.

It is possible for you to get control of anxiety. You just need the right help.

You already hold the power to become a warrior for yourself –powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave. 

This book will help you to find your inner warrior.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Free preview

Don’t take my word for it. 

Read the first few pages and see how this book will help you to break free.

The strategies in this book will help you to look at anxiety in a different way. Following my advice, you’ll notice how you’ll be feeling calmer and stronger.

You’ll begin to ‘unfriend’ anxiety and distance yourself from it.

This beautiful A5 sized, soft touch book is presented in a way that makes it easy to find any strategy you may need help with in a simple and straightforward way. 

"Lisa has created a wealth of resources in this book, wonderfully uplifting, soothing and practical."
Suzy Reading
Psychologies Magazine
"I wanted to say thank you for writing your book. My daughter has transformed from being crippled with anxiety and unable to go out in public to a lovely, active young lady. A year ago she would not even walk through the town. Now she's able to go out and enjoy life and it is so heart warming for me to see the transformation."
Dad to Olivia, 18
"Your book really helps when I feel anxious and I especially love your advice on how to manage worrying about what might happen! My anxiety felt so complicated but you have it simple and easier to manage. Thank you so much."
Julia, 24
"What a wonderful book for teenagers and adults - yes, I read it too :slightly_smiling_face: It's so easy to read and full of great practical advice - being a concerned parent struggling with anxiety myself, I've read a lot, and this definitely offers more than other self-help books. The extra resources you can download are really helpful. Sophie loves to dip in for specific day to day help - I read it from cover to cover. I'd highly recommend this book to any teen struggling or worried parent. Thank you."
Mum to Sophie, 15
Lisa Skeffington Anxiety Expert

Author Spotlight

Described as ‘The Helper For Anxious Teens’ by Woman and Home Magazine, Lisa was honoured to be shortlisted in the ‘50 Amazing Women Over 50′ Awards 2018 for her contribution to ‘Shaping The Future,’ in her dedication to helping teenagers and their families with anxiety and emotional stress.

Lisa is based in Dorset, UK and works nationally and internationally online. Lisa is an accomplished psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

Drawing on her own experiences as an anxious teen herself, Lisa helps teens to feel confident and less misunderstood in an often very isolating stage of development.

Her passion is to help every teenager to recognise the power within themselves so that they may feel more relaxed, happy and secure in their daily living.

Lisa Skeffington

How to Get From Feeling Anxious to EMPOWERED in Your Life

Generalised anxiety is like a friend you can do without. It’s time to break up and I’m going to help you feel more in control and empowered.

Your confidence is there within you, hidden from view, and these strategies will help you to shine a light on your confidence, so that you can set yourself free to enjoy more fun in your life.

If you can already use the power of your mind to whip yourself up into a frenzy, wouldn’t it be cool to use that same power in a different and better way to set yourself free?

The biggest reason life gets complicated is in expecting too much of yourself and in being too hard on yourself. I’ll show you how to give yourself a break.

Every day there is a constant battle between what you want and what you ‘should’ do or have or how you ‘should’ be. This conflict between your head and your heart feels like anxiety.

If you’re feeling frustrated that adults don’t listen, I’ll teach you clear strategies to help you to communicate more effectively to make yourself understood.

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