Parenting is the hardest job in the world. With no manual to follow, we can only learn on the job day to day.

In these challenging days, families are being tested every day because we are all having to spend much more time together.

"It’s horrid when you fight with your teenager, isn’t it? You both hurt, you both feel sad and the gulf of isolation between you feels so impossibly vast, you wonder if you will ever be able heal it completely. The truth is your teenager feels the same stirred up emotion too... with the same frustrations, the same feelings of isolation, and the same fears."
~ Lisa Skeffington

You question how you never seem to get it right… your teen questions why what they do never seems to be enough for you. If only you knew a way to put an end to these destructive battles that chip away at the love that you used to believe was so invincible…

If you are feeling disillusioned that your relationship with your child isn’t how you hoped it would be, I have created a short support course to help you. Delivered direct to your inbox over 9 days, this support e-course guides you through how to reconnect with your teen. I will share with you some simple and proven strategies to turn your relationship around.

If your relationship with your teenager is suffering right now, I feel sure you will benefit from implementing the ideas I will be sharing with you.  It will help you to make your relationship stronger and healthier than you have ever experienced before.     

Take this chance now and join me and give your family this very special gift of love and connection.

Are you ready to learn how to reconnect with your teen in only 9 days?

If you’d like straightforward advice on how to change negative behaviours in your relationship with your teen and instead, strengthen your connection with them, then this short email course is for you. 

Begin the path to reconnecting with your teen and build a stronger and healthier relationship than you have ever experienced before. 

“Thank you so, so much for your care and expertise. Eva is reassured that she can contact you by Skype and messaging, and, in turn, I am reassured too.

There are no words to express my gratitude for your help. When I think back to the darkest times at the end of last February, I could not have believed that Eva would have been able to make such dramatic progress in just six months.”
Aged 22
“Lisa was recommended locally by a friend for help with our daughter who was having panic attacks at school and skipping meals. Things are so much better now in every way. Most valuable to us were the parent support sessions with strategies to help us to understand and get to grips with strategies to cope.

Lisa has definitely met our expectations. She is professional and is easy to open up to. We have already recommended her.”
Aged 15

Here's what you'll receive in my email course

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Day 2 -
Get Good
at Listening

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Day 3 -
Spend Quality
Time One to One

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Day 4 -
Catch Your
Child Doing Something Right

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Day 5 -
Encourage Autonomy

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Day 6 -
Knock Yourself
Off Your

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Love and Appreciation

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Day 9 -
Reap the
Benefit of
Growing Self-Esteem

“I needed help with anxiety and to build my confidence. I was panicking about tiny issues, not believing in myself and making everything harder than it had to be.
Now I have more confidence with my friends and I can handle any difficulties with my studies much better”.
Aged 16
“I felt anxious about how my parents viewed me and I was worried I wasn’t making them proud. Now things are amazing.

Everything with my parents is so much better and I don’t worry about many things anymore”.
Aged 14

Who am I to be telling you all this?

Hi I’m Lisa Skeffington

Alongside being an Anxiety Expert and Consultant in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Mentoring for women and teens, I am also a mum of two children – one daughter in her mid twenties working and living in London, and a 16 year old teenage son. I fully appreciate first hand how, as a busy parent, it can be difficult to maintain a strong connection with your child.

As an Anxiety Expert, I love to help busy families like yours with the demands of hectic living and the inevitable pressures this brings to family relationships.

I am passionate about strengthening family dynamics and helping teenagers to celebrate who they are. With me they will learn ways to free themselves from unwanted and unnecessary limiting beliefs that hold them back socially and academically, and which prevent them from being the amazing young people they are truly meant to be.

I have been described as ‘The Helper For Anxious Teens’ by Woman and Home Magazine and was honoured to be shortlisted in the ‘50 Amazing Women Over 50′ Awards 2018 for my contribution to ‘Shaping The Future,’ for the help I have given to teenagers and their families dealing with anxiety and emotional stress.

I am based in Bournemouth in the UK and work with clients nationally and internationally, as well as offering exclusive in-person workshops.

I draw on  my own experiences as an anxious teen myself and help teens to feel confident and less misunderstood in an often very isolating stage of development.

My passion is to help every teenager to recognise the power within themselves so that they may feel more relaxed, happy and secure in their daily living. 

Lisa Skeffington Anxiety Expert
Lisa Skeffington

A Mother's Story

Recently I caught up with a delightful sixteen year old I supported with my Teenage Anxiety Programme, some months back.

When Philippa, aged 15 came to see me she was hooked on a peer pressured addiction, feeling anxious and exhausted and suffering chest pain. She hadn't been eating properly for some time, she was not sleeping well and was not concentrating in school. Her self-esteem and self-confidence were at rock bottom.

Just a few months on and in less than ten sessions, scaling her distress levels, they improved from 'high' at '35' when she first came to see me, to just '19' now which is comfortably back in the 'balanced' range.

She can look at herself in the mirror and be pleased with how she sees herself, her concentration has returned with better sleep, and she is eating regularly, and her addiction has gone along with the chest pain.

As she left she said, "Thank you... you've really helped a lot!" I don't mind telling you it made my heart sing!"

It is not uncommon for teens to show signs of anxiety with social, academic pressures and raging hormones, but emotional triggers can at certain times send this anxiety reeling out of hand. It is so rewarding to see how they light up with the right help.

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and it is easy to feel inadequate and powerless to help your child, especially during the turbulent teenage years.

This is what Philippa’s mother had to say following a parent support session with me. “I feel an incredible appreciation of you Lisa. You have an amazing calm and strength when you talk to me, and an incredible positivity.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing to support me, my daughter and indeed my entire family!”
Aged 16

Are you ready to learn how to reconnect with your teen in only 9 days?

If you’d like straightforward advice on how to change negative behaviours in your relationship with your teen and instead, strengthen your connection with them, then this short email course is for you. 

Begin the path to reconnecting with your teen and build a stronger and healthier relationship than you have ever experienced before. 

A Teenager's Story

“I was struggling with confidence. I felt stuck and unable to communicate. I was feeling anxious about starting at a sixth form college. Things are really good now. I have loads of friendship groups and I find it easier to talk to people. The sessions helped and were very effective.”
Aged 16
“I kept getting angry and shouting. It was making things worse and I wanted to stop it.

Things are much better now. I get on better with my friends because they don’t go away because I’m angry. I don’t get so angry with my family either. The sessions really helped and I felt so calm.

I can control my anger better and tell people how I feel before I get angry. I would like to thank you for your help. I am happier now.”
Aged 13
“I was suffering anxiety in everyday situations, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope in general. I was comparing myself to others, self-conscious and holding myself back in performance.

I feel so much more confident and positive and able to do anything I want to do. I’m worrying much less about what other people think of me. I’m not feeling as tense about things like giving presentations at school and asking questions.”
Aged 15
“The idea of meeting new people paralysed me. I overthought how they would view me. It kept me from meeting anyone new. I didn’t want to put myself out there and try out new things or speak up at Uni.

I have definitely become more confident. I can chat freely to more people without overthinking. I actually get excited to meet new people now. I’ve joined societies at Uni and I feel more confident with my decisions academically.

I had defined myself before as an anxious person but now I’ve realised I can go outside my comfort zone and talk to new people, which is fun.”
Aged 22
“I was struggling with confidence in myself, and being over anxious about things. Now I have learned to identify and counter any negative or anxious thoughts.

I have noticed that this has definitely improved my moods and made me feel a lot more positive about my future. I feel a lot more relaxed and happy about things and within myself.”
Aged 21
“I feel fine in everyday life now and have the tools to help me get through difficult times.

Since finishing the sessions with you I feel like myself again. My confidence is back and I’ve settled really well into university life: I’ve made friends and am happy and totally comfortable living away.

The thought-stopping process was particularly useful to me as it allowed me to calm down before I had a panic attack, and this prevented me from reaching for medication.I think the most helpful thing I have taken away from the sessions is the ability to just stop and breathe so anxiety doesn’t escalate.

Also I have been able to let go of things that were holding me back, like being bullied, so I’ve been able to trust the people I’ve met here and not worry about what they think of me.”
Aged 18

* All names in the testimonials and case studies have been changed to protect anonymity.

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