Teen Troubles - Anxiety Break Up

Anxiety Support for Students

A 6-Week Student Mentoring Programme

This is a mentoring course especially for students with hands on support and weekly Q&A which dives deeper into strategies to help you develop your confidence.

Week 1

Making sense of your feelings at home and away

Week 2

Study help and exam confidence

Week 3

Breaking the worry-fear-panic cycle

Week 4

From friends to frenemies

Week 5

Social media pressures and cyber bullying

Week 6

Find your sparkle and body confidence

What's the Student Mentoring Programme About?

In this programme, I’m going to help you to break up with the anxiety in your life so you can feel more on top of things and in control of whatever you are dealing with right now, whether this is in your day to day at school, at college or at university. 

It can help you socially too and for when you want to chill and get the space you need at home.

The Programme

Making sense of your feelings
at home and away

  • Making sense of your feelings when you are at home
  • Helping you to improve communication and get the space you need when you need it
  • Advice on how to cope when you’re living away and missing home

Study help and exam

  • Exploring how to get the most of out your Study time
  • You will learn how to boost your confidence in your exams
  • Keep your cool and perform at your best when you’re feeling under pressure
Week Three Student Mentoring Programme

Breaking the worry-fear-panic

  • Break out of the worry-fear-panic cycle
  • Stop overthinking everything
  • Learn what to do when you feel a panic attack coming on
  • Develop a strategy to get on top of any sudden panic attacks

From friends to

  • How to manage your relationships with friends
  • What to do when friends turn into frenemies
  • How to cope with friendship when it becomes a weapon used against you
Week Five Student Mentoring Programme

Social media pressure and
cyber bullying

  • Taking care of yourself on social media
  • Safeguard your self-esteem on social media
  • Practical advice if you find yourself caught up in cyber bullying to know what to do

Find your sparkle and
body confidence

  • How to discover your sparkle
  • Get confident about your body image
  • How not to worry what others may think of you
  • Support with self-harm issues and bad relationships with food

Supporting You Through the Programme

Weekly Q&A

Each week there is an opportunity for you to get in touch by email and send me any questions you may have relating to the module, or indeed anything else that is troubling you that you’d like my advice with.

Your questions will remain totally anonymous and your identity will be kept private at all times within safety guidelines, so you’ve no worries there.

Extra Help

You have an opportunity for extra help and support with me on a 1-2-1 by online chat messaging and your parents have options available to support you alongside your programme too.

I’m going to show you how to stand up to anxiety and break up it with it for good. 

My recently published books @anxiety – we need to break up (for young women) and @anxiety – break up (for young men) compliment this programme and I will be guiding you to particular sections in the book as we work through the programme.

Lisa Skeffington Anxiety Expert

Lisa Skeffington

Available as a Group and on a Bespoke 121 Basis

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Teen Troubles

The Student Mentoring Programme is available on a private individual basis within my bespoke ‘Havoc To Harmony’ Family Support Programme, or as a larger group programme within schools, colleges and universities. Please register your interest here and a member of my team will contact you to schedule a time to talk through your best option.

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